Knapp Customers Speak Out

Are you a former Knapp customer?  Have you been wearing Knapp Shoes “since forever” and can’t be without them?  Please share with us your Knapp stories here:


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  1. Sherry on

    Looks Good..

  2. Jon on

    These boots are the best, Style #: 2573. I need a pair soon. Have had this style for 27 plus years. NOTHING ELSE LASTS LIKE KNAPP.

    • Charles Webb on

      Hi John,
      Just checking to see if you got your shoes. I also am looking for that same style. I’ve been wearing this shoe, as well as the 2570 style, and swear by them. I ordered a pair on-line a few years ago but have been unable to track down a website to purchase these shoes.
      Let me know how you made out.


  3. Donna Szalla on

    hello Knapp !

    I am so glad you are bring back the Knapp Shoes and making them in America Again! My father and husband are long time “Knapp Lovers” Please keep up the good work and I hope you find the investors you need so I can get my order………I am willing to wait for the Knapp comfort and workmanship that we have grown to love over the years!!!

    Donna Szalla

  4. Dave "Bluzyhound" on

    Wow, what a concept!
    Manufacture a product in America and don’t ask for money from the government to do it.
    Perseverence and passion of entrepreneurship with the aid of the American labor will win every time.
    Good luck to you and your endeavors.
    I have been wearing Knapp for the last 20 years and look forward to another 20!
    I am still wearing my 2573’s every week.

  5. Ed Sytsma on

    I wish you success in bringing Knapp shoes back to us here in the good ole U.S. of A. I’ve been buying these shoes for over thirty years, and have tried several other brands. No one even comes close to the comfort and quality of these icons.

    Ed Sytsma

  6. sharon on

    Great news, have been wearing knapp safety toe, postal approved boot for long time Style #2587, hope you will be making these available again. Can’t wait!

  7. Shirley on

    So pleased to hear that Knapp boots style 2573 may soon be coming off the production line again (May / June 2009). My mechanic husband has been wearing these for many years – the only ones to satisfactorily cushion the stress of working on concrete all day. The ones he has been buying of late last only a couple of months, and he used to get a good year out of the Knapps.
    Delighted with the news of your return.

  8. Maxine Hoffman on

    My father sold Knapp shoes for 40 years. I’m 70 and we visited the Knapp Shoe factory when I was a child, in Brockton, Mass. Then we went to Maine and visit the one up there. We had dinner with Clarence Knapp. My father passed away in 1984. My brother sold for a while. Dad was selling when the first 18D shoes came out, that was really something back then. I can remember the pair I saw, I was amazed at the size. Dad really enjoyed selling Knapp Shoes so glad to here they are back!! They where the best shoes made.

  9. Bob on

    The Knapp shoe story is one that needs to be told. What a great thing for an American company with a great product to come back to being “Made In America,” and they are the best. I can vouch for that because I’ve been buying them since 1978 when I was fresh out of school and was a mechanic. The Knapp Shoe Man would come in the shop just like the “Snap-On” or “Mac Tool” man and he would take all of our orders. We had to buy the best tools because our livelihood depended on them. It was the same with Knapp Shoes. They were the only things that would hold up under the wear and tear, plus they are the most unique and comfortable shoes out there. I dare say I have worn a single pair of Knapp Shoes every single day for over a year and you could still read the logos on the bottom of the shoes. And that was with a job that required continual walking all day. I only took them off to go to bed at night, that’s 7 days a week. Their patented, “Two-Shot” sole is the only sole of its type that you can hardly wear out. I am not an old man but I have been working for over 36 years and have had more jobs than I care to say and have tried many other brands, but I will tell you Knapp Shoes are simply, “The Best.”
    If there was any way I could help this company I would because its a Great American Story.

    Bob Smith

  10. kinzuakid on

    I’m a lifelong 2359 wearer right here and just noticed my Oxfords are starting to separate after over 5 years in use. This guy needs three pair, stat!

  11. E Goodwin on


  12. Glen Crider on

    I have been buying Kapp work shoes for 32 years and they are the best! I can’t wait until they start to carry the two-shot oxford shoes again. They are the only shoe that will keep you comfortable on concrete.
    Glad your back ……..we need shoes that are made here in America!

  13. Sherry on

    Knapp Store appreciates all of the loyal Knapp Customers that have stood stongly by us waiting on their Knapp Shoes.

  14. don on

    I would like for knapp to continue to make the black moc toe 6inch boot (2565). I have been wearing this style of boot for over 25years. I have not been able to find a boot with this style and durability. Please keep this one on the shelfs, so I could continue to buy them for the next 25years. Thanks Don from California.

  15. raymond on

    I would like to know if knapp shoes are going to make the wellington boots again. I wore them for years and would like to have them back.

  16. milt robare on

    halleluyah, thank u, thank u, thank u.

  17. Jerry Beatrice on

    There is NO shoe like a Knapp shoe……when the 2529’s are available – I’ll have happy feet again !!!!!!

  18. Andy on

    Ever since Knapp store went out of business I have not been able to wear a comfortable shoe like Knapp. I so glad I can order my shoes 2561 again this time make in America by the original people who used to make them right.
    Thank you

  19. Gary Gasper on

    I’ve been a chef for over 30 years that period of time I have went through 6 pr of the best shoe on earth #2561. I’m probaly still a year from my next pair. So thank you for beening there for my feet. Thanks Chef Gary.

  20. Alton Allen Sr. on

    I have worn KNAPP SHOES FOR OVER 40 YEARS AND LOVE THEM !!!!!! So please tell the folks at KNAPP SHOES that they make the best work shoe on the market, and that I won’t wear anything eles!!!!! Thanks again,

  21. Robert Barrett on

    What great news. I have been a Knapp customer for sixty years and have never been able to find a more comfortable or better made shoe.
    I look forward to your new catalog and sales start.

  22. John Duffy on

    I have worn Knapp shoes for 21 years in the food service business and for 9 years thereafter. I love them!!! Where has their website gone? Does anyone have a phone number? I really need some new boots

  23. Jeff on

    No other shoes have ever fit or lasted as long as Knapp Shoes. I started wearing Knapp Shoes back in 1972. My 2417’s were all I ever wore. First I purchased a pair to work in and then started to wear them all the time.
    Hope that Knapp starts to make 2417’s quickly.
    They are the postal shoes with thick rubber RIPPLE SOLES!

  24. sharon on

    Hi, are you making style #2587 again? Please let me know.

  25. Ron McCarren on

    I’ve worn Knapp’s Wellington Boots for years and would be very gratefull to see there return

  26. Michele Tolbert on

    You have made a 70+ old man very happy. My father is so glad to have his favorite shoes back in business again.

  27. Rob on

    I think these are the best shoes I ever bought. Nothing lasted as long. I have thrown out newer shoes and still have a couple of YEARS old Knapps in the back of my closet that could be worn in a pinch. I wore them EVERY day and still could if I had too. Just wish they would make a two shot 6″ steel toe with two shot soles.

  28. John Burns on

    Hi Knapp…Welcome back. I missed you. You have that only boots that I did not have to break in..They are good from day 1.I am disabled (Marine Corps-Vietnam). But I still work some around the house. You must be the only company that makes a natural toe,(which I need). I still have a pair of the 2573-6in boots. I can not read the size. So after I go to a shoe store and get measured then I will order a pair. I wish you still had distributors. I know that you had one in Romeo, michigan. Good luck with your business….Old Customer, John Burns….

  29. Barbara S on

    Hi Jim:
    You started off my husband Joe’s New Year on the right foot. He received his Knapp boots last – week it was Christmas all over again. He has been wearing expensive boots still not the same as a Knapp. In 1984 Joe fell 7 stories and landed on his feet. He was seriously injured; his heels were crushed. But if not for his Knapp boots it would have been worse. He is unable to walk properly in other boots and shoes are a no no. He felt the difference as soon as he put the Knapp on. Thank you for keeping us updated. Joe has been wearing Knapp since they first came on his job site almost 50 years ago.

    Barbara S.

  30. gina f on

    is there a catalog? My dad had always purchased a black work shoe with smooth hard sole and cannot find anything like it anymore. He has polio and this is the only shoe he was able to wear (with a brace added). Since the retail store in brockton, mass has gone out of business, he is at a loss. Any help?
    Yes Gina. A catalog is available online at

  31. B Whitfield on

    No problem – I have been wearing Knapp shoes for almost 30 years…..They were (and now hopefully still are) SO good that the last 4 pairs I bought (all at the same time and rotate on a daily basis) have lasted 8 years!! In fact they lasted SO long that I didn’t even know Knapp had closed until recently when I went to buy some more shoes. I have been in a little bit of a “panic” because they are the ONLY shoe I have EVER found which I can wear ALL day long. I am a chiropractor and am on my feet for the majority of the day without my back hurting me after 2/4 hours of shoe wear…..SO it is NOT a problem for me that the shoes I recently ordered from you are on back order….I am simply THRILLED that they are being made again and that they are being made in America….we need more companies like yours to come back “home” so we can become economically strong as a country once again…… Thank you for you note I am happy to wait for my WONDERFUL shoes !!!
    B. Whitfield.

  32. William W. Self on

    I received a folder (postmarked 3Jan2011) letting me know of production starting on certain styles of Knapp footware again. I started wearing Knapp products in 1949 while working as a mechanic at a Ford dealership and have been wearing them ever since. When I began working in the Space Program, I switched to a 10 inch Wellington boot (Style 2553). Today I am still wearing (daily)) a pair that I bought in 1993 and they are still going, even though I carry a Browning 9mm automatic inside the left one. PLEASE let me know when you plaan to begin producing this style in 13 EE again so I can place an order for a couple of pair ! ! ! Thanks, Bill

  33. Kenneth E. Keister on

    My husband received his shoes and is very happy with them!!
    Thank you,
    K. Keister

  34. Patty on

    Hi, I order shoes from Knapp shoes in 2009. The shoes are for my husband. He just loves these shoes and has been patiently waiting for them. I was afraid the company was no longer in business or the order was lost. The order number is 657178535. Could you please check and see what the status is on the order. Much appreicated!!!! thanks

  35. Roy Cischke on

    In response to the email announcment “FEATURING: Made In America AGAIN KFB Shoes and Boots”
    Roy C had this to say:

    No—way!!! Unbelievable—I’m so happy!!

  36. Paul Frey on

    Hi Sherry, I am writing to thank you for the shoes I have been wearing for about a week now. The #2547 work shoe is as great as ever. Even though I am retired I wear them every day and my back and feet are HAPPY. It was a long wait, but worth every minute of it. Sometime next month I intend to purchase a pair of the plain toe shoes to wear as causal dress. I have passed out the flyer that came in the box to my neighbor. I hope this all works out well for you and my only regret is I did NOT become an investor in the company.

    Thanks much and the best of luck to KBF… Paul F.

  37. Damian L on

    Hey, I received my new boots today and I tried them on.
    They fit perfectly, look great, are built right, and even the leather is great quality! I’d sooner pay a bit more for a boot like this then pay less for lower quality boot.

    If there is anything I can do to help you get your company going again, just ask!

    Damian L.

  38. Roy G on

    Got the shoes today being Tuesday May 31/th. Its been several years sense my last pair I had, When I put them on they felt like bedroom slipers really like them. I wore Military boots for years then couldn’t get ones I liked. I went to Red Wing wasn’t crazy about them. Now I’m back with the KBF. Thanks for a good feeling shoe. Roy G.

  39. Samuel W. on

    Good day to all,

    My name is Sam W. and I have been a Knapp customer for years. I can still remember when I saw for the first time a pair of Knapp shoes.

    In the early 1960’s, my Father owned a Flying A gas service station in Bakersfield CA. Since the business was new, he couldn’t afford to pay employee help, so he ran the service station alone. I was only eleven years old then. One day, needing a new pair of shoes, he asked my mother to pick them up at the Knapp shoe store. I was with my father that day in the service bay when my mother brought the shoes to him and he tried them on while leaning against his work bench.

    I am excited about KB shoes, and relieved to know that I can still get an incredible pair of Knapp shoes, now called KBF.

  40. Leroy S on

    I thank God for KBF. I love my new #2575’s…thank you.

    Leroy S.

  41. Jerry F. on

    Dear KBFootwear:
    What a magnificent story! My hat is off to you, Jim, Avram, and Sherry. I can well imagine the “other stuff” you take care of, as I was part of a small start-up company that, sadly, did not make it. I will do my part to spread the word. As soon as I am able, I will be buying a pair, probably boots for my motorcycle riding.

    Thanks for taking the time to send a response. And even more, for making this tremendous effort to re-establish, however humble, a quality manufacturing opportunity in America. This is really great.

    With warm regards, and praying for the future of KBFootwear to be bright,

    Jerry F.

  42. Ken P on

    Ken from Elizabethtown, PA …I received a pair of 2573, leather is great, the fit is great..I have worn this style for years and this is the best one yet…thank you for bringing them back.

    Ken P

  43. Michelle Z. on

    My father is a dairy farmer and used to wear the old Knapp K570 workboot. Are any of your current workboots similar to the old K570? I see the 814-4200 on your website but am not sure if that is similar enough to the old K570. Can you help? My dad really misses the K570.
    Thank you!
    Michelle Z.

  44. Steve on

    Hi Sherry!
    Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and for the very nice and detailed explanation. I love the way you write! I love it! It’s warm and fuzzy! Like having a cup of hot cocoa on a cool autumn night! Yes, I figured maybe you ran into a snag with the shoe. Not a problem. These things happen. You guys still have my faith and loyalty. I’m pulling for you. And I’m happy to count myself as one of your customers. Thanks again, Sherry. You are just sooo sweet!
    Hugs, Steve

  45. Mike G. on

    Sherry,Thanks for the phone call.

    Thank you for the extra pair of boots.
    It’s nice to see someone go the extra mile I would of never know about your sale. Thanks again for your prompt service and looking out for me. Just an online customer.
    Mike G.

  46. Steve Mac Lean on

    I love Knapp shoes because I am always on my feet. The part that I loved the best was the way my feet were measured and the shoes made to fit those specs. How do I get an accurate measurement?

  47. Chris on


    I want to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I also wanted to let you know that I received my first pair of American Made KBF 2561 and they are without a doubt the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. I hope that one day KBF will bring back the 2551.

    I hope that this finds you and your family well and happy and the business doing exceedingly great!

    Blessings to you and to your family!

  48. John F. Tranchese on

    I have in the past been associated with Natural Toe workboot ankle and or oxford,double shot sole. The boot a real work-horse slipped into oblivion since Knapp went out of business. Can I get some direction here?-John
    [John: We’ve recently added the #2573 and #2575 Natural Shaped toes. See if that will work for you.]

  49. George Lallier on

    I’ve worn Knapp safety shoes for years, #2651, and the padded 6″ boot. Bought them back in Brockton,Mass in the 70’s, continued buying them when I moved to N.C. in 1993, there was an outlet in Greensboro, NC, when that closed I would buy the Sears Die-Hard which was made by Knapp, stoppped buying the Sears brand when they were foreign made, Knapp started a online sight and I bought them again. I started to buy Knapp shoes when the Co. was manufacturing back in the USA, was satisfied at first but something happened in there sole laminating process and my shoes started to come apart, I complained about it to Customer Service and they would sell me a new pair but no discount. The last pair I bought were in 2009 and they delaminated within 6 months of normal service, I will not buy anymore till I know this problem has been corrected.
    I always try to buy MADE IN THE USA, But I’m not going to throw my money away to a company that won’t correct what I feel should of been done with the problems I notified them about concerning my shoes.
    [George – KB Footwear is NOT the former Knapp Shoe Company. We, as a new company, corrected the hydrolysis problem Knapp had, and we’ve improved upon the quality of all the materials used to manufacture Made in America Again KBF footwear. The Knapp Brothers would be proud. You will be too.]

  50. John on

    Here’s hoping the Knapp brand goes on forever, As long as you keep making them, I’ll be wearing them. (and trying to help you sell them as well)
    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  51. L Johnson on

    Hope all gos well with sales for the years to come .. good boots

  52. Susan M. on

    Please send a wonderful Knapp Shoe & Workboot Catalogue to my son.
    I told him these are the best. My Dad always wore them and Ben has been blessed with a Mechanic’s job therefore is on his feet all day.

    May God continue blessing your wonderful family business!

    I especially enjoyed reading the rich history of your most fine company Sirs.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Susan M.

  53. sandra taylor on

    Are you going to be making the Knapp Wellington boot again???

  54. Richard spaulding on

    Hi, I wore your two shot wellingtons for 20 years as a firefighter. They felt great and almost couldn’t be hurt. The 2shot wouldn’t slip in water. Boots were somewhat water resistant, shined well and comfortable. God, I miss them. P.S. I wore these boots almost 24hours a day, 7 days a week on duty and off. Please bring them back and contact me for some improvement suggestions. Thanks, Richard

  55. B. Kuhl on

    Years ago I always wore Knapp shoes which I would buy from a door-to-door salesman, and I really liked them. After a while the salesman passed away or retired, (I don’t know which) and I lost all track of Knapp shoes. Someone recently told me that one can find them again on the internet, so I tried it, and sure enough, I came across your website. I have looked for years to find shoes that are still made in the good old USA, and apparently, yours are. I am wondering if you have a catalog you could send me?

  56. B. & S. Perrin / Michigan on

    Just wanted to say how satisfied I am with your company and your shoes. I ordered my husband some boots just a few days ago and to my surprise they were sitting at my back door yesterday. I appreciate the extremely fast shipping and the shoes exceeded our expectations. Thanks again and we will definitely shop again with KBFootwear.

  57. Jo Ann on

    Thanks for the delivery. My husband is very happy to be back in his Knapp shoes! Since these shoes are on backorder, i would like to order another pair. Can I place the order this way or do I have to go thru the order website (everything is the same)? Please let me know.

    Have a Great Day!

    Jo Ann

  58. Mark on

    Hi, just to let you know I got my boots in today, thank you for the fast shipping! They fit like they were made just for me,nothing like a good quality boot. tell everyone who was involved in my purchase thank you!! Mark

  59. John M. on

    They (my new shoes) came in today right on schedule. They look great, fit great, and most importantly are made in America. The last pair of shoes I bought (from another place) said there were American made and sure enough were made in China (and I paid $90 for them so back they went).

    Have a great day. I will recommend this site to my friends and family.

  60. David on

    I hope lots of people will be buying the new Knapp boots and the Company will be all over like before. I hope the 2553 wellington boot makes a come back

  61. Tony W on

    I’m excited that I am actually going to get back into a pair of Knapp shoes!

    Tony W. of Russiaville, IN

  62. Kaye Clark Terry on

    We still want the #2583 Oblique Toe Safety Toe Oxford. My brother loves your shoes and it’s what he’s worn for about 30 years. When he couldn’t get them, we tried another brand, but they did not hold up as well. He was so happy when he got his new KBF boots!!!! He is looking forward to getting the oxfords too.


    Kaye T.

  63. Frank S. on

    Thanks! I’ve been waiting YEARS for these boots to be made again. I’ve shared the info with many of my friends and relatives. Best of fortunes to you all at KB!!

  64. David Gorham on

    I am the biggest fan of Knapp shoes in the world. I started my shop in 1985 and the shoes lasted 5 years (minimum) in 2005 I bought 2 pair and they fell apart within a year. I am a Christian and I am 51 years old and have not got in a fight in 34 years, but if I ever find the man that changed up the recipe I will beat the crap out of him and happilly turn myself in to the police.

  65. J & L on

    Hi: At last, the shoes arrived okay. My husband says they fit perfectly and would like to order a second pair as soon as possible.


  66. Harlan on

    I started using Knapp shoes (Rocker Bottom steel toe work shoe) in 1981. There is no better shoe for anyone that is on their feet at all.

  67. Josie on

    Thank you! You made my husband very happy for our 49th wedding anniversary. This morning he received his second pair of shoes, which he has patiently been waiting to receive.

  68. Troy G. on

    I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that I am very happy with the shoes I purchased and have told a few of my friends how great they are. Thank you again for making a quality product here in the USA!

    Troy G

  69. Don on

    I want to thank you for that Christmas email to us, I am happy to see the line growing and many sizes now on some styles. narrow sizes just aren’t around anymore as you know Thank you again for keeping the line as was for many years.

    D. Gee

  70. E. Clifford on

    Dear Mr. Grossman: I am glad to see that you are manufacturing boots in the USA, again! I was a Knapp customer for years. I was disappointed when the stores in NJ closed and when Iron Age folded. I still have Knapp work boots that I have had repaired numerous times. I ordered your catalogue. I hope to order work boots from you in the near future. I did not now that Knapp is back as KBF. E. Clifford / NJ Transit Authority

  71. Karl Sieger on

    I am an auto mechanic for whom Knapp shoes have always been the perfect application. Question: If one properly measures one’s feet & buys one of these products–specifically: the 2575 (man, I love the look of that shoe–“function!”, “utility!”)– If one properly measures one’s feet & the shoe is too big or small & one only wears it a few hours, say, indoors where it won’t get beat up, can one send it back for proper size shoe & if so, is there any extra charge to me? I always bought the 2561 over the years & although my feet have always measured 11D, I ALWAYS had to get the 10D in a Knapp. Can anyone throw more light on this scenario?

    A Knapp user since 1979

    [Dear Knapp Customer-we recommend measuring you feet at shoe store, just to make sure. Our feet do get bigger as we age.]

  72. B. Porter on

    I received the order yesterday and thank you for the fast service.

    I have worn Knapp brand shoes/boots for decades and glad they are still available. We are in some tough economic times and most companies are selling out to China and other countries utilizing cheap labor and inferior materials.

    I have always said, “Most of the time you get what you pay for” and pleased with the quality and performance of Knapp products.

    I remember back in the 1960s, you could only find Knapp shoes from a local salesmen that would take orders for them. Technology has really changed!

  73. health insurance on

    Spot on with this write-up, I seriously think this website needs a lot more
    attention. I’ll probably be returning to read more, thanks for the info!

  74. John W on

    Dear KB,

    Thank you so much. I was horrified when I couldn’t find my Knapps. I’m glad you’re back and I found you.

    My first pair cured a chronic backache, being a machinist, that two shot sole resisted sharp metal chips like no other shoe I had ever worn. You’re worth the money.

    John W/ Lifetime metal worker
    PS: Who needs Redwings?

  75. Yul A. on

    I bought a pair of shoes about 1 year ago and i am very happy with them. I just wanted to comment on the finish. The finish on the shoe is great for winter salt. I am still wearing the shoe and its very nice so far.


    Yul A.

  76. Brian on

    Hi Sherry:
    I just got my shoes – #2561 EEE:8. They fit very good. I look forward to good service from them. I will be telling my co-workers they are made in America and suggesting that they try a pair.
    Thank You
    Brian L.

  77. H on

    I bought a pair and am very disappointed. The soles and heel wore out very quickly. the old 2-shot sole was much better

  78. Wayne on

    I’ve worn 2565 Knapp boots from 1980 until I could no longer buy them. Great boot for work and very comfortable. I’m happy to see them back. I will order them . ASAP

  79. Tom on

    Just got a pair of the Rocker-Bottom oxfords (#2539) in 10.5C. The fit is right on what I would have expected, seems to be well made. look good, too. One minor question – where do those amazing shoelaces come from? I have not seen laces like this in a long time. They are waxed, stay tied – almost seem like a prehensile tail. Anyone know where these can be obtained, as I need them in the future?

  80. Ted Rihely on

    I used to wear the Knapp ATV’s, do you make anything in that style, they were so comfortable

  81. Wes Miller on

    I need a new pair of Knapp Ripple sole shoes

    • kbfootwear on

      Wes. we are currently not making the ripple sole shoes. I know – they were VERY comfortable. Maybe in the future.

  82. Charles Webb on

    I need a pair of knapp work shoe style 2570 size 11.5 D. Does anyone know where/how I can get to the seller of this shoe.
    Charles Webb

  83. Charles Webb on

    looking for knapp work shoe style 2570 size 11.5D. Anybody have any clues to where I might look for them?
    Charles Webb

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